New commercial facilities along ski course connected to existing resort hotel.  We designed a complex building consists of 9 buildings connected with arcade roofs and gate structures. 

Design goal of the project is all shops and restaurants in 9 buildings must be accessible not only by walk but also by ski and snowboard. And also produce the exterior environment support the various outdoor activities and events.  While designing an innovative ski resort, we tried to recover the relationship between natural and artificial environment in Tomamu, distorted by the indiscriminate massive resort development in the late 20th century.

Location: Town of Shimukappu, Hokkaido

Project Type: Restaurant, Shop and Ski Base

Design: 2015/11- 2017/3

Construction: 2017/4-11

Design and Design Supervision: Satoshi Kojima / KOJIMA DESIGN

Schematic Design: Satoshi Kojima, Shigeki Sumiyoshi / Meiho Facility Works

Design Collaborator: Hiroshi Horio / Horio Hiroshi Architects

Structural design: Daisuke Hasegawa

Landscape design: Shuichi Murata / Takano Landscape Inc.

Lighting design: Masanobu Takeishi / ICE

Mechanical Engineer: Sogo Setsubi Keikaku Corp.

General Contractor: Miyasaka Construction Corp.

Tomamu Ski In / Out Village

“ Hotalu Street “

Shimukappu, Hokkaido, 2017